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Why “Doc“ Jamar Montgomery?

A Diligent Advocate

I want to be the Senator that you call when you have an issue, especially one that’s being ignored. When you say,  “Senator Montgomery, the senior citizens in my parish are getting scammed out of their money and no one‘s doing anything about it,” I want you to call me, So  I can show up and bring the necessary attention for the  perpetrators to face justice. I want to be America’s senator, the senator that can work with anybody, negotiate and talk to anyone, and find common ground with everybody. There is too much death and diabetes in America, for us  to  allow  party lines and ideologies to prevent us from saving and curing America’s people of her ills and wounds. 

An Unapologetic Voice

Leadership  is the  service  you  provide,  not  the  position  you  hold. As a children’s  public defender and professor, I taught our young people and our children their rights, and how to exercise their rights. If you want to make change, you have to start with yourself and the young people. My students and my clients are more informed and involved citizens because they know how our system works and what would make the system better. Now our government can serve us instead of frustrate us, our representatives can speak for us, instead of ignore us, because we became the change we wanted to see. We became the government, just like the Constitution and Founder’s Intended us  to  be.  


Bigger Better Business

Louisiana is a rich state, and if we distribute opportunity and resources in high growth industries, we can improve the standard of our living and no longer be last in opportunity and economy. 



Louisiana and the nation can achieve education excellence through skill based learning and certifications. Our children deserve teaching methods that are tailored to their learning styles and inclusive of their culture. Every Louisianan deserves a practical and relevant education that makes them productive and employable. 


Social Action

Every citizen should find a Constitutional right that they are passionate about and be an advocate for that right. Our democracy improves when we include diverse ideas and perspectives into our conversations. Whether we are protecting the Constitution or advocating for our children, progress happens when we take action. Find a cause and live for it. 



 Technology used to make data driven decisions and traceable data throughout government using distributed ledger technology. Financial Technology. Protecting our personal and private information through Cybersecurity and IT. 


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